Saturday, May 8, 2010

Team Bacon 20100508

10/12 down, raid end @ 1755, no time for work on Screechigosa

# Loot Log (Player) # No. of looters: 17
Garp (2 loots)
[Frozen Bonespike](1500g)
OnslaĆ¼ght (2 loots)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](7000g)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](7000g)
Lolicon (2 loots)
[Primordial Saronite](1000g)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](6500g)
Muck (1 loots)
[Ahn'kahar Onyx Neckguard](2500g)
Kazzun (3 loots)
[Shadow Silk Spindle](7000g)
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification](9000g)
Backsass (1 loots)
[Winding Sheet](1000g)
Zajir (2 loots)
[Band of the Bone Colossus](2500g)
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification](9500g)
Redgrave (2 loots)
[Taldaram's Plated Fists](1000g)
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification](9000g)
Evadd (2 loots)
[Bile-Encrusted Medallion](4000g)
[Distant Land](1000g)
Camli (1 loots)
[Black Bruise](1000g)
Keeker (1 loots)
Meetbeeter (1 loots)
[Coldwraith Links](4000g)
Kojo (1 loots)
[Toskk's Maximized Wristguards](2500g)
Subjectivist (1 loots)
[Primordial Saronite](1000g)
Vilyawen (1 loots)
[Polar Bear Claw Bracers](3500g)
Runeski (2 loots)
[Nightmare Ender](5000g)
Walterdim (4 loots)
[Snowstorm Helm](1000g)
[Ring of Rapid Ascent](4500g)
[Plague Scientist's Boots](6000g)
[Crushing Coldwraith Belt](3500g)
Gold Raid Manager 3.3.x v10.01.19

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