Saturday, December 26, 2009

Week of 12/22/09

This week GDKP runs will be Monday instead of Saturday.
Next week they should resume normal schedule.
As soon as 50 people are skilled/geared enough for Ice Crown Citadel 25, two full clears will commence.
Trial of the Crusader will gradually be phased out.

Bruski Raiding Syndicate Overview

1. Mission statement
3. Invites
4. Raiding guidelines

1: Mission statement:
a. Get Bruski loot and gold.
b. Provide a stable raiding group to gear up alts of main guilds on the server, and provide a home for 25 man raiding to people whose guilds are not as progressed, with a reasonably fair interguild loot system, minimal drama and asshattery, and much bacon and fun.

2: Gold Dragon Kill Points: GDKP

  • Welcome to Bruski's Lazy Saturday Afternoon Bacon Syndicate Gold Dragon Kill Points Ice Crown Citadel (BLSABSGDKPICC) . All items that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the gold pot will be split evenly between all raiders present at the end of the run.
  • Players may be removed for AFKing, poor performance, or attitude issues at the raid leaders discretion.
  • Players may be docked gold for pulling prematurely, removing zonewide buff, or being an asshat, also at the raid leader's discretion.
  • All Auctions will be in public raid chat. Minimum bid is 1000 gold. Minimum raise is 500gold. There is no maximum. No pst bids or late bids are accepted. No loot is reserved.
  • If you make an obvious misbid, it will be revoked, and the bidding for the item will restart, with a bid from you for with the real bid before you were stupid.
  • Good Luck and Have Fun!
  • For more info check out the Elitist Jerks Thread

3. Invites
  •, if you are not confirmed on there, don't expect to go.
  • New raiders should send an ingame mail to Bruski for information, and so I can check on their experience and gear. Sending more mail to Bruski never hurts, more communication is good.
  • Make sure to sign up on appropriate character. For raid composition, filling certain roles, classes and specs is important. If you are slotted on a character, and locked, you cannot hop over to another character and expect an invite. Expect a negative note next to your name on the spreadsheet.
  • Invites are completely at my discretion. I tend to favor people who are:
    • Reliable: if you cannot make it to a raid let me know at least a few hours in advance
    • Good attitude: positive, polite, helpful. Offering helpful strat tips and the like in raids is encouraged and a huge bonus.
    • High performers: I will consider your performance in raid and world of logs much higher than your gearscore.
    • Experienced: 10 man clearing achievement for the current wing will practically guarantee you a slot.
    • Geared: proper gems and enchants tell me more about how much you know your class than a gs number, and that you're trying to perform at top level.
    • Note: flattery will get you nowhere. It just annoys me.
  • Feel free to send friends my way, we're always looking to make sure we have enough skilled people to fill two raid groups.
  • Lineups are always set before Saturday morning, when you wake up, you should be able to check the website and see which raid you're in.
4. Raiding Guidelines
  • Be online at the raid start time on the appropriate character with gold and flasks.
  • Get all your AFKing done during trash. ICC has trash again, use the time wisely. Please let me know before you AFK.
  • Know what general role your spec has in raid and be prepared to perform it. If you have CC or dispels or raid utility, be ready to use them.
  • Familiarize yourself with the boss strategies beforehand, here or with tankspot videos, whichever helps you learn better.
  • Be considerate to other raid members, in raid and vent. Friendly trash talking is fine, beating others down is not.
  • Refrain from spamming dps meters. If necessary I will (most likely to congratulate high add dps), if not, go check World of Logs after the raid.
  • Do not comment on strategy during combat, it's confusing and unhelpful.
  • Help with strategy between combat, this is encouraged and the appropriate time to do so.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lineups set for 12.19.2009

Deathbringer Saurfang Strategy

aka "STFU already"

Figure 1. Deathbringer Saurfang Positioning

Limiting Deathbringer's gain of Blood Power is the primary objective of the encounter. Every time Deathbringer reaches 100 Blood Power, he will cast Mark of the Fallen Champion. If Deathbringer's rate of Blood Power gain is too high, then the amount of Marks will quickly overwhelm the raid. Managing this rate of gain requires proper raid positioning and add management.

Raid Composition
Tanks: 2
Healers: 6
Melee: Normal
Ranged:Normal (Just like Vezax, Blood Nova picks ranged targets so long as there are enough people at range). (Boomkins and Hunters are very helpful)
Bloodlust: at 20%, when the fight is most chaotic.

Abilities: Wowhead

-Tank 1 pick up the boss and face him away from raid. Tank 2 stack on top of him.
-As soon as one tank receives rune of blood other tank must taunt immediately.
- Current "offtank" may assist ranged dps by taunting blood beasts which are about the hit the ranged.
-Avoid AoE abilities when blood beasts are spawning.
-Soft enrage at 30% hp. Blow tank cooldowns and trinkets consecutively at that point to help healers out.


-Smack the boss as fast as you can as hard as you can.
-Avoid AoE abilities when blood beasts are spawning.
-If you receive Mark of the Fallen Champion, keep your finger on the warlock candy and any damage reduction cooldowns to help your healer keep you alive.
-If you get agro on a blood beast stunning it is a way of preventing it from getting blood power.

- Spread out to form pairs at least 12 yards apart from eachother, otherwise when Saurfang casts Blood Nova he will gain extra Blood Power, speeding up his enrage.
- Kill blood beasts whenever they are up Start by dpsing either your assigned blood beast, or the one furthest from you in range. Once you get agro on a blood beast, either target a different one to taunt it off someone, or finish off the one you have before it reaches you. (I prefer the latter, but it works best for classes with Typhoon or Blast Wave or Feign Death)
-Do not allow a blood beast to nom your face. Use typhoon, thunderstorm, blast wave, ice block, roots, fade, invisibility, blink, demonic portal, disengage, whatever! If you cannot do the above then run away! Just make sure to return to your assigned spot as soon as possible.
-Hunters should drop frost traps on the stairs to slow the adds. A shammy should drop binding totem. Slowing them in the middle of the room is best.
-If you see a blood beast nomming on a tank, melee dps, or healer, get it off him. Distracting shot is especially useful for this.
-In the current iteration of Deathbringer, pets can be targeted by Blood Nova and will grant Deathbringer additional Blood Power. Keep your pets in melee range.

- Spread out to form pairs at least 12 yards apart from eachother, otherwise when Saurfang casts Blood Nova he will gain extra Blood Power, speeding up his enrage.
-Saurfang will soft enrage at 30%, tank heals be prepared.
-Set up healing assignments for Marks of the Fallen Champion, assign holy pallies to the first one or two people to receive it. Other healers, be prepared to heal two targets when your mark falls. If it lands on a healing priests, binding heal is your friend.
-Mark of the Fallen Champion causes Deathbringer Saurfang's melee attacks to splash to this target, inflicting 5,700 to 6,300 additional Physical damage. If the target dies while under this effect Saurfang is healed for 5% of his total health. This is what healers need to heal through or the boss will heal and the raid will wipe. People with this cannot be allowed to die, nor can they be brezzed.
-The assignment for the first mark should be death. That's right, just let em die. This will drastically reduce the amount of blood power gained by Saurfang. The faster you let them die the less blood power Saurfang gets.

Lady Deathwhisper Strategy

Lady Gaga

Please click to enlarge.
Many Props to Zuvassin of Wiping on Trash for his masterful artwork.
Abilities: Wowhead


o During phase one only Fanatics need tanking.
o Tank 1 gets left side, fanatic spawns from middle door, tank it. If a fanatic spawns in the back tank 3 bring it to tank 1
o Tank 2 gets right side, fanatics spawn from the side doors, tank them.
o If a Deformed spawns, the nearest tank kites it across to the other side of the room while all dps kill it.
o Tank 3 gets adds in back of room, and tanks deformed ads, and generally helps make sure the healers and rdps are safe.

o During phase 2 Lady Deathwhisper must be tanked. Be ready to taunt as soon as the mana shield goes down.
o She will put Touch of Insignificance which will reduce tanks threat generation 20% per stack during phase 2, so tanks will have to taunt off eachother at 3 stacks to maintain threat.
o During phase two ghosts without HP or Agro will spawn, so the boss must be kited around the room like Grobbulus to avoid the ghosts exploding and hitting the melee

o During phase one melee are responsible for killing all types of adherents, and then dpsing the boss. They will be divided into two groups, one on each side of Deathwhisper, with more in group 1. Try to stay on your side while avoiding giant green Death and Decay. Make sure you dont get out of range of the healers.
o Adherents cannot be tanked, they are casters who need to be iinterrupted by melee, and are not vulnerable to spell damage.
o The melee groups kill all the adherents on their side, focusing any empowered ones, and then kill the mana shield. If a DK in melee group 1 deathgrips an adherent to the platform it helps.

o During phase 2 melee will follow the boss as the tanks kite her, and avoid ghost, while interrupting frost bolts. Two interrupt pairs will alternate.

o Divided into two groups, one on each side of Deathwhisper, with more in group 2. Try to stay on your side or behind her while avoiding giant green Death and Decay.
o Ranged groups are responsible for killing all types of fanatics on their side.
o Both groups are responsible for killing ASAP any Deformed that spawns.
o Mages need to CC any mind controlled person ASAP, and remove curse of torpor on healers ASAP. Your slightly lower dps number will be ignored in favor of higher dispel and cc numbers (yes I can see those on WoL)
o When adds are dead ranged should do MQSRDPS (massive qnuatities of sustained ranged damage per second) on the boss.
o During Phase 2, avoid ghosts and continue MQSRDPS boss.

o Do not stack directly on top of Lady DW
o Avoid standing in Death and Decay
o Curse of Torpor should be removed ASAP. Mages should be healping you.
o Tank heals will need to be mindful of maintaining LoS on tank. You should try to help heal the melee group with your tank.
o During Phase 2 move to the middle of the room.
o If you are CCed call "Heal [your assignment]! [your name] is mind controlled." Say your assignment first, it's more important. e.g. "Heal Haman! Makadhi is MCed!"

Misc tips

o DPS should be very mindful of Empowered adherents, they can stack several abilities or a powerful short range aoe blast.
o Paladin tanks are somewhat better for Fanatics because very little of their threat comes from physical damage.

Lord Marrowgar Strategy

Phase 1 stand and burn positioning

Abilities: Wowhead


o Lord Marrowgar is tanked facing away from the raid. Tanks will stack on each other so that they eat Saber Lash.
o Every couple seconds a Coldflame will come out from under Lord Marrowgar. It targets a raid member and continues on a straight line away from the boss. Raid members will have to move out of the oncoming fire to avoid taking damage. These move relatively slowly, and should be easy to dodge if you are not blind. Fire hurts, even if it's blue.
o Bone Spike Graveyard is a spell that impales three raid members. The spikes must be killed immediately and that player must be healed until they are no longer impaled. The player is unable to do anything. Turn on new long range nameplates to kill them faster.
o Every so often Lord Marrowgar falls apart and starts to Whirlwind while moving quickly around the room, which stings mildly. This is almost exactly like Stormcaller Brundir, only instead of getting raped by lightning it's bones this time. Apparently bonerape doesn't hurt as bad as we thought it would. He drops agro when he returns to normal.
o Rinse and repeat, collect loot.

o Stack on top of eachother at all times.
o Pull Marrowgar to a wall.
o Agro burst when he stops whirlwinding.

o Stay away from Marrowgar to avoid saberlashtoface
o Show impale debuff on healing frames.
o Avoid Whirlwind (although I think it can be easily healed through)

o Stand inside his hitbox to avoid cold flame.
o During Whirlwind, help break anyone out of their Bone Spike Graveyard if it's still up, then dps Marrowgar if possible. /tar bone
o Tricks of Trade Tanks right after whirlwind

o Avoid cold flame and whirlwind
o Make a macro to target bone spikes. /tar bone Damage on bone spikes > other damage.
o Misdirect Tanks right after whirlwind

Phase 2 whirlwind positioning (rough depiction)