Saturday, July 17, 2010

LK Strat

Lick King Strategery Document
Contains strong NSFW language.

The beast himself:

If you die at any point during this fight, do not release.

Phase 1 (100 – 70%): Move for Plague > Kill Lick King

  • If you get Necrotic Plague, run right behind the Shambling Horrors immediately
    • Melee run esp fast, so you don't chain it to the other melee dps
  • Do not run in front of the Shambling Horrors, Shockwave deaths are sadface
  • When the Shambling Whores enrage, hunters need to tranq shot the enrage off immediately
  • Healers be patient but agile when dispelling Necrotic Plague
    • Too late and the target dies at the 5s mark
    • Too early and the plague stays in the raid and does not damage the shamblers
  • Offtank taunt shambling horrors away from raid as soon as they spawn
  • Offtank taunt tiny adds if possible, especially off the ranged
  • Ignore AoE dps on adds, focus massive single target dps on Lich King
  • When infest goes out healers need to heal everyone above 90% to remove it. Disc priest is hax/necessary.
  • Healers, order of debuff importance throughout the fight is: Harvest Soul > Soul Reaper > Defile > Necrotic Plague
    • Throughout the entire fight, if Infest is on someone for more than a few seconds they will die, ergo:
    • The longer Infest on, the more important it is the heal them up

Transition 1: Raging Spirits

  • Make sure you are on the outer circle, past the ragged blue icy line separating the inner and outer circle, dying to aura is sad!
  • Shamblers tank take them away from the raid facing the edge, let then Necrotic Plague finish them off
  • If you get a mark (usually X), run away from the Raging Spirit as soon as it spawns, so you don't get oneshot
  • DPS should give the tank a few seconds to pick up the raging spirit since the tank may be silenced
  • If you have less than 50k hp, do not stand in front of raging spirits, they have a frontal cone AoE
  • Ice Spheres are not your friends, do not hug them, they are antisocial and do not appreciate it
  • One or two ranged should be in charge of killing the Ice Spheres for being anti social party poopers
  • Healers, dispel the silence off tanks when possible
  • Don’t run in front of tanks while entering Phase 2, the Raging spirits will silence and kill you with their conal AoE

Phase 2 (70 – 40%): Move for Defile > Stun/Slow/Kill Valkyr > Kill Raging Spirit > Kill Lich King

  • Stun rotation: Paladins -> Rogue -> Warrior -> other stuns
    • If one of those people are picked up, the next person on the list needs to go BAM! on valk asap
    • Creating stun assignments for each mark improves time spent stunned
    • If a valk is nearing the edge, any melee with stuns ought to attempt to stop it
    • Creating DPS assignments for each mark is also good
    • When Valks are up stunning and killing them is top priority for all dps
  • Soul Reaper: When Lich King starts casting Soul Reaper (5s cast time)
    • Offtank needs to taunt asap, or
    • MT needs to burn CoolDown, or
    • MT goes SPLAT!
  • Soul Reaper:
    • Is shadowstrike damage, not resistable, only affected by overall damage reduction modifiers
    • During p3, taunting is the preffered way to deal with it
    • During p2, frequently the offtank my be slowing the valks or running from defile, so:
    • Pally: reduced by 20% by Ardent Defender, Divine Protection or trinkets
    • Durid: alternate Barkskin and 4pct10
    • Warrior: alternate Last Stand, Shield Wall, and 4pct10
    • Death Knigget: alternate Vampiric Blood and 4pct10, try to save Ice Bound Fort for when healers and running from defile or other occasions
  • Infest continues to afflict the raid, keep everyone topped off
  • Mark the Raid Leader or Responsible Person, have entire raid stack on them except for when defile is out
    • Stacking on means on, not next to, a small difference in positioning can completely screw cleave damage when you're being carried off
    • Square is good for this since DBM/DXE doesn't use Square for marking valks or defile targets
  • Warlocks should do their portal thing <
    • Make sure they are in line with portal and center of the room
    • Make sure they will not be carried same direction as rest of raid
    • Call out when they are picked up to "ignore "
  • Everyone run the fuck away from defile
    • Spread out at least 2-3 seconds before defile hits
    • Do not get caught in the Valks path
    • Do NOT back out
    • Do NOT continue to melee the Valk, you can kill her after you get out
    • After defile goes out and valks are dead, move to the raid marked person on the other side of the circle
    • Sometimes melee run through the defile to get to the boss faster. Don't be That Retarded MeleeTM!
  • If going into transition (42% or below)
    • Don't bother to dps the valks that are up
    • Make sure they are slowed and they'll drop their carrion onto the platform when it spawns

Transition 2: Kill Raging Spirits

  • Be near the edge when it spawns, get on it asap, remorseless winter makes you go "OW OW OW"
  • Everyone get off on the same side, follow the marked person like they are Ahnold and have a chopper
  • Same positioning as transition 1 when you get an X
  • Offtank 1 pick up 1 & 3, offtank 2 gets 2 & 4
  • BL after second raging spirit spawns to get them down quicklike

Phase 3 (40 – 10%): Run from Vile Spirits > Raging Spirits > Lich King

  • When Vile Spirits spawn, as soon as channel is finished, LK tank moves boss WAY OVER to the opposite side of platform
  • Ranged should be spread out throughout entire phase
  • When Vile Spirits descend:
    • Melee needs to spread the fuck out
    • Everyone needs to spread out
    • Make sure if a Spirit is chasing you that you let it catch you and blow up when you aren't near anyone else
    • Don't get hit by two spirit explosions
    • Use damage reduction CDs here
    • Offtanks place yourself in front of healers to protect them so they don't have to move
  • Healers, Vile Spirits will inevitably hit some people, learn to cope with it
  • Soul Reaper is still around, tanks do your thing
  • Infest is still healy fun times
  • Defile still around, run the fuck away, ktnx, dun drop it where tank is moving bossmans
  • Harvest Soul: Heal the shit out of this person, keeping them alive is a top priority, until they are ported into Frostmourne:
    • Damage dealers kill the spirit killing Arthas' dad
    • Healers heal Arthas' dad
    • Everyone has to interrupt or dispel the sell the thing channels on Arthas' dad

10%: victory lap . . . Fuck you robot

  • Zomg pew pew lazors! Stabbity stabbity stab! Smashy bash smash!
  • ???
  • Profit!!
  • Teabag Arthas
  • LolLoreTM Cinematic + "omg noone must know what happened here so lets put the movie on a monument in the middle of Dal!"
  • End

2010.07.10 Raids


# Loot Log (Player) # No. of looters: 12
Chorpse (2 loots)
[Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification](5000g)
[Nightmare Ender](3000g)
Lenorei (3 loots)
[Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter](12000g)
[Skeleton Lord's Circle](3500g)
[Skeleton Lord's Circle](3500g)
OnslaĆ¼ght (1 loots)
[Lana'thel's Chain of Flagellation](3000g)
Finzull (2 loots)
[Wodin's Lucky Necklace](5000g)
[Protector's Mark of Sanctification](7000g)
Turk (1 loots)
[Toskk's Maximized Wristguards](5000g)
Elfinfire (2 loots)
[Shadow Silk Spindle](4000g)
[Plaguebringer's Stained Pants](1000g)
Jeskabell (2 loots)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](5000g)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](6000g)
Bruski (2 loots)
[Plague Scientist's Boots](5000g)
[Noose of Malachite](1000g)
Charr (2 loots)
[Amulet of the Silent Eulogy](2500g)
[Amulet of the Silent Eulogy](2500g)
Elinias (2 loots)
[Leggings of Northern Lights](1000g)
[Anub'ar Stalker's Gloves](1000g)
Woom (3 loots)
[Royal Crimson Cloak](1000g)
[Loop of the Endless Labyrinth](6000g)
Gargenhesh (3 loots)
[Bone Sentinel's Amulet](6500g)
[Ring of Rapid Ascent](6500g)
[Ring of Rapid Ascent](6500g)
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