Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lord Marrowgar Strategy

Phase 1 stand and burn positioning

Abilities: Wowhead


o Lord Marrowgar is tanked facing away from the raid. Tanks will stack on each other so that they eat Saber Lash.
o Every couple seconds a Coldflame will come out from under Lord Marrowgar. It targets a raid member and continues on a straight line away from the boss. Raid members will have to move out of the oncoming fire to avoid taking damage. These move relatively slowly, and should be easy to dodge if you are not blind. Fire hurts, even if it's blue.
o Bone Spike Graveyard is a spell that impales three raid members. The spikes must be killed immediately and that player must be healed until they are no longer impaled. The player is unable to do anything. Turn on new long range nameplates to kill them faster.
o Every so often Lord Marrowgar falls apart and starts to Whirlwind while moving quickly around the room, which stings mildly. This is almost exactly like Stormcaller Brundir, only instead of getting raped by lightning it's bones this time. Apparently bonerape doesn't hurt as bad as we thought it would. He drops agro when he returns to normal.
o Rinse and repeat, collect loot.

o Stack on top of eachother at all times.
o Pull Marrowgar to a wall.
o Agro burst when he stops whirlwinding.

o Stay away from Marrowgar to avoid saberlashtoface
o Show impale debuff on healing frames.
o Avoid Whirlwind (although I think it can be easily healed through)

o Stand inside his hitbox to avoid cold flame.
o During Whirlwind, help break anyone out of their Bone Spike Graveyard if it's still up, then dps Marrowgar if possible. /tar bone
o Tricks of Trade Tanks right after whirlwind

o Avoid cold flame and whirlwind
o Make a macro to target bone spikes. /tar bone Damage on bone spikes > other damage.
o Misdirect Tanks right after whirlwind

Phase 2 whirlwind positioning (rough depiction)

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