Saturday, May 1, 2010

Loot log 20100423

# Loot Log (Player) # No. of looters: 17
Garp (1 loots)
[Incarnadine Band of Mending](1000g)
Vilyawen (1 loots)
[Rusted Bonespike Pauldrons](1000g)
Tirianne (1 loots)
[Landsoul's Horned Greathelm](1000g)
Moontoya (2 loots)
[Belt of the Lonely Noble](2500g)
[Band of the Bone Colossus](1500g)
Ajani (3 loots)
[Primordial Saronite](1000g)
[Sanguine Silk Robes](1000g)
[Primordial Saronite](1000g)
Gargenhesh (1 loots)
[Corpse-Impaling Spike](3500g)
Subjectivist (3 loots)
[Primordial Saronite](1000g)
[Rib Spreader](1000g)
Evadd (4 loots)
[Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder](7000g)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](4000g)
[Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification](4000g)
[Devium's Eternally Cold Ring](5000g)
Pounce (2 loots)
[Boots of Unnatural Growth](3500g)
[Ring of Maddening Whispers](1500g)
Hetril (2 loots)
[Rotface's Acidic Blood](1000g)
[Festergut's Acidic Blood](1000g)
Mochee (1 loots)
[Frostbinder's Shredded Cape](6000g)
Retrospect (1 loots)
[Gangrenous Leggings](1000g)
Bruski (2 loots)
[Carapace of Forgotten Kings](4000g)
[Leggings of Dying Candles](1500g)
Echellon (1 loots)
[Greatcloak of the Turned Champion](5000g)
Mozy (3 loots)
[The Lady's Brittle Bracers](2500g)
Ring of Rotting Sinew(3000g)
[Lingering Illness](1000g)
OnslaĆ¼ght (1 loots)
[Polar Bear Claw Bracers](8500g)
Ilpapa (1 loots)
[Bone Sentinel's Amulet](2500g)
Gold Raid Manager 3.3.x v10.01.19

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