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Lady Deathwhisper Strategy

Lady Gaga

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Many Props to Zuvassin of Wiping on Trash for his masterful artwork.
Abilities: Wowhead


o During phase one only Fanatics need tanking.
o Tank 1 gets left side, fanatic spawns from middle door, tank it. If a fanatic spawns in the back tank 3 bring it to tank 1
o Tank 2 gets right side, fanatics spawn from the side doors, tank them.
o If a Deformed spawns, the nearest tank kites it across to the other side of the room while all dps kill it.
o Tank 3 gets adds in back of room, and tanks deformed ads, and generally helps make sure the healers and rdps are safe.

o During phase 2 Lady Deathwhisper must be tanked. Be ready to taunt as soon as the mana shield goes down.
o She will put Touch of Insignificance which will reduce tanks threat generation 20% per stack during phase 2, so tanks will have to taunt off eachother at 3 stacks to maintain threat.
o During phase two ghosts without HP or Agro will spawn, so the boss must be kited around the room like Grobbulus to avoid the ghosts exploding and hitting the melee

o During phase one melee are responsible for killing all types of adherents, and then dpsing the boss. They will be divided into two groups, one on each side of Deathwhisper, with more in group 1. Try to stay on your side while avoiding giant green Death and Decay. Make sure you dont get out of range of the healers.
o Adherents cannot be tanked, they are casters who need to be iinterrupted by melee, and are not vulnerable to spell damage.
o The melee groups kill all the adherents on their side, focusing any empowered ones, and then kill the mana shield. If a DK in melee group 1 deathgrips an adherent to the platform it helps.

o During phase 2 melee will follow the boss as the tanks kite her, and avoid ghost, while interrupting frost bolts. Two interrupt pairs will alternate.

o Divided into two groups, one on each side of Deathwhisper, with more in group 2. Try to stay on your side or behind her while avoiding giant green Death and Decay.
o Ranged groups are responsible for killing all types of fanatics on their side.
o Both groups are responsible for killing ASAP any Deformed that spawns.
o Mages need to CC any mind controlled person ASAP, and remove curse of torpor on healers ASAP. Your slightly lower dps number will be ignored in favor of higher dispel and cc numbers (yes I can see those on WoL)
o When adds are dead ranged should do MQSRDPS (massive qnuatities of sustained ranged damage per second) on the boss.
o During Phase 2, avoid ghosts and continue MQSRDPS boss.

o Do not stack directly on top of Lady DW
o Avoid standing in Death and Decay
o Curse of Torpor should be removed ASAP. Mages should be healping you.
o Tank heals will need to be mindful of maintaining LoS on tank. You should try to help heal the melee group with your tank.
o During Phase 2 move to the middle of the room.
o If you are CCed call "Heal [your assignment]! [your name] is mind controlled." Say your assignment first, it's more important. e.g. "Heal Haman! Makadhi is MCed!"

Misc tips

o DPS should be very mindful of Empowered adherents, they can stack several abilities or a powerful short range aoe blast.
o Paladin tanks are somewhat better for Fanatics because very little of their threat comes from physical damage.

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