Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blood Queen Lanathel

Information Sources

Maintankadin Thread
Tankspot 2
Elitist Jerks

This is a simple fight.
This is a hard fight.

Initial positioning:

Abilities everyone needs to be aware of:

- Twilight Blood bolt: spread out at least 6 yards for eachother to avoid splash from this 10k ranged hit.
- Swarming Shadows: Mandatory Void Zone. Similar to Legion flame, you will start shitting purple stuff. Run away to the wall. It ticks much faster than legion flame from what I saw.
- Pact of the Darkfallen: Links 3 people together, dealing damage to them and people around them. Run to the middle away from other people, once you meet there it will fall off.
- Vampiric Bite: Every so often Queen Lanathel will bite someone giving them Essence of the Blood Queen, which increases damage by 100%, heals them for 15% of damage done, and nullifies threat. After 60 seconds they will become thirsty and need to bite someone else, otherwise they will go insane and wipe the raid. After they bite someone else they will still have Essence of the Blood Queen, but they will have another 60 seconds until they are thirsty again.

- The 2 tanks stack on top of eachother because of Blood Mirror (Causes the player closest to the tank to take 100% of the damage done to tank as Shadow damage) Tank with higher absorbs/blocks is main tank.
- Need to spread out quickly during the air phase.
- Should be bitten after all the dps, but before healers.

- The entire raid will be taking 4500 damage every 2 seconds. This will increase by 5% with each vampyr created.
- Shadowbolts will be doing 10k hits to ranged randomly.
- Pack of the Darkfallen will be hitting 3 people for 3500 dps frequently. When they come together to get rid of it they may take ticks of 7,000 or 10,500
- During Air Phase Shadow Protection Aura Aura Mastery should be used. Every will be taking tons of shadowbolt damage.
- Both the maintank and offtank will be taking significant amounts on damage in addition to the normal raid damage everyone else is dealing with.
- People will also occasionally be hit by swarming shadows for 2,000 dps. Some will even probably stand in them. You will hate these people.

- Your sole source of comfort is that by the end of the fight almost 2/3 of the raid will be vampires healing themselves for about 1600 hps.

- Avoid damage when possible
- Bite eachother
- Bloodlust when 16 raid members are bitten
- Don't go insane
- Kill boss fast
- Ranged spread in a circle/arc around her with the healers, so that there is an open spot in the middle for people with Pact of the Darkfallen to run to.
- Stuff kills you on that fight, finishing your cast will make you dead.

Where to meet for Pact of the Darkfallen:

How to Kite Swarming Shadows:

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